The field is superheated!


Superheated Field is one of the Field Effects. It appears constantly on Pyrous Mountain and Calcenon Gym.

General EffectsEdit

  • Fire moves increase in base power by 1.1x
  • Ice moves decrease in base power by 0.5x
  • Water moves decrease in base power by 0.9x
  • Hail will always be terminated

Steam AttacksEdit

Steam shot up from the field!

The following attacks will suffer a 0.555x (totalling 0.5x) decrease in base power (if applicable) and generate steam at the end of the attack. Steam will only occur once per turn and will lower the accuracy of all active Pokémon by one stage (unless they are using moves that leave them in a semi-invulnerable turn such as Fly, Dig, etc).

Moves AffectedEdit

Transitions to other terrainsEdit

Blizzard, Glaciate or Subzero Slammer will terminate this field effect In the absence of rain or Water Sport, the following moves will transform this field into a Burning Field:


The Telluric Seed boosts Defense and applies Shell Trap to the user

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