Starlight fills the battlefield.


Starlight Arena is a currently-unreleased Field Effect.

General EffectsEdit

  • Psychic attacks increase in base power to 1.5x
  • Fairy attacks increase in base power to 1.3x
  • Dark attacks increase in base power to 1.5x and deal additional Fairy damage

Abilities AffectedEdit

  • Victory Star boosts the base power of attacks used by the bearer and its allies by 1.5x, in addition to its 10% increase in accuracy
  • Marvel Scale is activated
  • Adaptability now functions the same as Trace
  • Illuminate will increase the bearer’s Special Attack when they are sent into battle

Moves AffectedEdit

Moves that increase in base power to 1.5xEdit

Moves that double in base powerEdit

Other MovesEdit

Transitions to other Field EffectsEdit

This Field Effect is temporarily terminated by all weather except for wind.


  • This Field Effect boosts more signature moves than any other except for Holy Field.

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