The snow glows white on the mountain…


Snowy Mountain is one of the Field Effects.

Transitions from other terrainsEdit

A Mountain will transform into a Snowy Mountain if hail has been in effect for three turns or if the move Blizzard is used.

General EffectsEdit

  • Rock type attacks deal additional Ice damage and increase in base power by 1.5x
  • Ice and Flying type attacks increase in base power by 1.5x
  • Fire type moves decrease in base power by 0.5x


Moves AffectedEdit

Moves with a 1.5x increase in powerEdit

Move Type Category Accuracy Power PP
Powder Snow Ice Special 100% 40 25 Max 40
Avalanche Ice Physical 100% 60/120 10 Max 16
Vital Throw Fighting Physical 100% 70 25 Max 40
Storm Throw Fighting Physical 100% 60 10 Max 16
Circle Throw Fighting Physical 90% 60 10 Max 16

Moves with a 2x increase in powerEdit

Move Type Category Accuracy Power PP
Ominous Wind Ghost Special 100% 60 5 Max 8
Silver Wind Bug Special 100% 60 5 Max 8
Icy Wind Ice Special 95% 55 15 Max 24
Razor Wind Normal Special 100% 80 10 Max 16
Fairy Wind Fairy Special 100% 40 30 Max 48
Twister Dragon Special 100% 40 20 Max 32

Moves with a 0.5x decrease in powerEdit

Move Type Category Accuracy Power PP
Scald Water Special 100% 80 15 Max 24
Steam Eruption Water Special 95% 110 5 Max 8

Other MovesEdit

Transitions to other terrainsEdit

This terrain will transform into a Mountain if any of these moves are used:


  • Snowy Mountain’s intro text may be a reference to Let It Go from Frozen.

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