Semi-invulnerability is a state in battle that allows Pokémon to avoid a number of attacks. Though each move that brings about a semi-invulnerable state has varying properties, they each can fall easily into one of four categories.

Moves with a turn of semi-invulnerabilityEdit

All of these moves (save for Sky Drop) will take only one turn to deal damage and skip their semi-invulnerability turn if the user is holding a Power Herb.

Though semi-invulnerability allows to user to avoid Lock On and Mind Reader, if these moves target a Pokémon before they become semi-invulnerable, the semi-invulnerable Pokémon may still be hit. Additionally, the ability No Guard, whether on the target or the attacker, will still allow the Pokémon to be hit.

A Pokémon stopped from going through with its attack, whether by confusion, paralysis, Yawn, or infatuation, will still return to the battlefield after its turn.


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