Peridot Ward Edit

The Peridot Ward used to be a lovely place, but it is now polluted and known as dangerous, home to many street thugs.

Neo-Circuit Power Plant Edit

The Neo-Circuit Power Plant is the 1st gym in the game, specializing in Electric-types.

Opal Ward Edit

The Opal Ward is a small ward to the east of Peridot Ward. It is home to the registration hall.

Grand Hall Edit

You get your starter Pokémon here and meet your rival Cain as you sign up for the Reborn league.

Obsidia Ward Edit

The biggest ward in Reborn City. Home to the infamous slums, Sweet Kiss Candy Shop, Devon Corporation, and the Department Store.

Grand Stairway Edit

Connects Obsidia Ward and Reborn City to the countryside.

Onyx Ward Edit

Has the game corner, Trainers' School and the 2nd gym.

Onyx Trainer's School Edit

Coral Ward Edit

A small seaside ward, with not much to do.

Jasper Ward Edit

Has many issues with plants, and it is blocked off for large parts of the game.

Beryl Ward Edit

Home to the 3rd gym.

Lapis Ward Edit

Home to the 4th gym, the Lapis Bridge, and the 7th Street Market.

7th Street Edit

An infamous black market, home to criminals of all sorts.

Dr. Connal's Orphanage Edit

Places in Reborn
Towns and cities Reborn CityAgate CityAmetrine City
Wards Opal WardLower Peridot WardPeridot WardObsidia WardSouth Obsidia WardCoral Ward Onyx WardJasper WardBeryl WardLapis Ward
Routes 12
Landmarks Grand HallMosswater FactoryRailnetObsidia Department StoreMalchous Forest
Rhodocrine JungleGrand Stairway7th StreetByxbysion WastelandCalcenon Mountain Apophyll BeachAzurine Island
Gyms Neo-Circuit Power PlantOnyx Trainer's SchoolBeryl GymAgate Circus

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