What does it mean?

Rainbow Field is one of the Field Effects.

Transitions from other terrainsEdit

It can be summoned by combining Water Pledge and Fire Pledge, or through some manner of combining Harsh Sunlight and Rain. (whether through abilities, through moves, or through natural weather) If summoned through weather effects, the field will be terminated as soon as one of the two weather effects ends.

General EffectsEdit

  • The secondary effect chance of all moves is doubled
  • Special Normal moves (including special moves used by a Pokémon with Normalize) increase in base power by 1.5x and apply damage of a random type
  • Sleeping Pokémon recover 1/16th HP each turn

Abilities AffectedEdit

Moves AffectedEdit

Moves with a 1.5x increase in powerEdit

Moves with a 0.5x decrease in powerEdit

Moves with amplified stat changesEdit

Other MovesEdit


  • The Rainbow Field’s intro text references a popular YouTube video.

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