Places of interestEdit

Underground RailnetEdit

The underground Railnet can be accessed from the underside of the Opal Bridge or from the Obsidia Ward.

Shortly after completing the first Orphanage quest, part of the floor gets a crack in it, making it require strength to past.

After getting strength and the strength badge, a new area of the Railnet opens (With no wild Pokemon), allowing you to visit the inner part of Obsidia Ward and Yureyo Headquarters. After getting the key you unlock another pert of the railnet: the puzzle room. The Puzzle room has a bunch or tracks and levers that you need to connect (without any obstructions) in order to open two doors, the one on the left leads to the Cave section of the Railnet, and the one on the Left leads to Chrysolia Pass.

Railnet Cave Section Edit

The Cave room is dark, so TM Flash is very useful.

Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up! Edit

Just as you enter the cave room, just above you there is a smash-able rock. Behind it, there is a man who fell from into the street from Obsidia Ward and couldn't get out. Upon talking to him he leaves to go to Obsidia Pokecenter. Go there and talk to him, and he will give you a department store sticker.

TM Flash Edit

At the bottom of the cave room, to the far right, there is a dark section of wall between two rocks. Use rock smash on it and TM flash will be inside.

Aron Edit

At the bottom of the cave room, there is a metal beam that looks as though it can be headbutted. When you do (It may take several tries), an Aron will fall down.

Cave Technical Readout Edit

At the bottom of the cave room, to the far Left, there is a dark section of wall between two rocks. Use rock smash on it and the Cave technical Readout will be inside.


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Approach from Opal Ward
714MS Noibat
Cave Cave
6 ???
434MS Stunky
Cave Cave
7 ???
527MS Woobat
Shadows Shadows
4 100%
Approach from Obsidia Ward
714MS Noibat
Cave Cave
15 ???
599MS Klink
Cave Cave
??? ???
527MS Woobat
Shadows Shadows
??? 100%
Large Puzzle Room and Cave Room
714MS Noibat
Cave Cave
39 ???
074MS Geodude
Cave Cave
38-39 ???
599MS Klink
Cave Cave
37-38 ???
599MS Klang
Cave Cave
41 ???
451MS Skorupi
Cave Cave
37 ???
527MS Woobat
Shadows Shadows
30 100%
Cave Room Steel Beam
527MS Aron
Headbutt Headbutt
30 100%


Item Location
Bag Ability Capsule Sprite Ability Capsule Behind the first dark wall upon entering the Cave section
Bag Dusk Stone Sprite Dusk Stone At the very bottom of the cave room, all the way to the left, between the engine and the traincar
Bag TM70 (Flash) Sprite TM70 (Flash) At the very bottom of the cave room, all the way to the Right, behind the breakable wall
24px Technical Readout: Cave At the very bottom of the cave room, behind a breakable wall in the left half of the room

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