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Radomus Vanhanen is the tenth Gym Leader of the Reborn region, who hands out the eighth gym badge. He specializes in Psychic-types and is fought at the Vanhanen Castle. He hands out the Millennium Badge.

In the game Edit

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Gym Battle Edit

Radomus is battled on a Chess Board in Double Battle format and he has two Hyper Potions.

Vanhanen Castle
Psychic Unknown
Magic Guard
Held item:
Bag Leftovers Sprite Leftovers
Reuniclus Lv.53
Trick Room
Psychic Status
Psychic Special
Focus Blast
Fighting Special
Shadow Ball
Ghost Special
Psychic Fighting
Held item:
Bag Muscle Band Sprite Muscle Band
Gallade Lv.53
Normal Physical
Close Combat
Fighting Physical
Knock Off
Dark Physical
Destiny Bond
Ghost Status
Dark Psychic
Held item:
Bag Light Clay Sprite Light Clay
Malamar Lv.54
Fighting Physical
Night Slash
Dark Physical
Psycho Cut
Psychic Physical
Psychic Status
Water Psychic
Held item:
Bag Leftovers Sprite Leftovers
Slowking Lv.55
Trick Room
Psychic Status
Nasty Plot
Dark Status
Water Special
Psychic Special
Steel Psychic
Clear Body
Held item:
Bag Assault Vest Sprite Assault Vest
Metagross Lv.56
Zen Headbutt
Psychic Physical
Meteor Mash
Steel Physical
Ice Punch
Ice Physical
Normal Physical
Psychic Fairy
Held item:
Bag Synthetic Seed Sprite Synthetic Seed
Gardevoir Lv.60
Calm Mind
Psychic Status
Normal Status
Psychic Special
Fairy Special

Profile Edit

Seen on the Profiles channel after obtaining the Standard Badge from Noel
A special report from... the Investigation Squad!

Yo, Reborn City! What's up?! We're here with the Reborn Rundown giving you a look at the leaders of the Reborn League! I'm your host, DJ Arclight, now on air!

We've got a report on Grandmaster Radomus, Reborn's Psychic Leader! Radomus is a cheery man with a fascination for assorted hats! Ranging from fashionable to outright bizarre, his wardrobe and mannerisms toe the line between defying and defining logic! Of course, as a Grandmaster of Chess, his logic must be solid.

Having amassed a fortune from tournaments, he lives in his very own personal castle, complete with a Chessboard Arena! In battle, his Psychic abilities can shift the pieces around, including making them attack your own Pokemon. Fight back by beating him at his own game!

His ace Pokemon is already well known herself, the one and only Gossip Gardevoir, who runs other segments on the network. Her strength is matched only by her pep, so make sure you're ready when going into battle, otherwise you'll find yourself right in Check by the two of them!

That's all for now, but remember, Trainers, Keep fighting with everything you've got! Hold your spirits high, and even you can defeat the Reborn League!

Quotes Edit

  • -When sending out last Pokemon.
  • "And that's checkmate."-After defeat.
Gym battle speech
Pre-battle speech
[Radomus]: Well met, <player>.

[Gardevoir]: Voila~

[Radomus]: I believe there is no further cause for ado. Are you ready? {Yes/No}

[Cain]: Go <player>, beat his butt~

[Gardevoir]: Ahaha~ As if anyone could beat my Master!

[Radomus]: Now, now. There's no need for such an attitude Gardevoir.

[Luna]: Please pay no mind to Gardevoir's capriciousness. She can hardly help it. Moreover, I wish the both of you luck.

[Elias]: The battle shall be a 6-on-6 double battle.

[Elias]: Either trainer will be allowed to make substitutions.

[Elias]: The battle ends when all of either trainer's Pokemon have been knocked out.

[Radomus]: Now, the tactics and art of Pokemon can be said to be not unlike those of the game of Chess.

[Radomus]: Though archaic mechanics and strategies are seldom considered by the average trainer, one must rise above such mediocrity in order to succeed.

[Radomus]: However, unlike Chess, there are certain aspects that can be betrayed.

[Radomus]: Indeed, I believe it's high-time for Black to make the first move.

[Elias]: Begin!

Post-battle speech
[Radomus]: Ah, the end-game is ever-paining.

[Radomus]: But, that is a battle worthy of its victory, as you are now worthy of the Millennium Badge.

{player receives Gym Badge}

[Radomus]: That granted, Pokemon up to level 65 will obey you without question.

[Gardeboir]: Aaaaand for our winners, one more special prize~

{player receives TM}

[Radomus]: A move like that hardly needs explaining, correct?

[Cain]: Congrats, <player>~

[Luna]: Agreed, that was a lovely performance. You did admirably, Gardevoir! And of course, you as well, <player>.

[Luna]: I look forward to engaging you myself.

[Gardevoir]: Oh, dear Luna~ Will you be facing <player> here or in the Valley?

[Luna]: Oh, I should much prefer the Valley if it may be so.

[Luna]: If you did not know, <player>, I, too, am a Gym Leader of Reborn.

[Luna]: But the stones and shadows of such rabbit-hole we call Iolia Valley make such an excellent blackground for a battle.

[Luna]: After all, where better than the valley of the shadow of death to stage a challenge upon the most beautiful type--

[Luna]: Darkness.

{Room turns dark}

[Cain]: Uhhh, was that one planned?

[Radomus]: I would think not.

[Luna]: No. At least, it was certainly nothing I did.

[Radomus]: Perhaps something has happened to our power.

[Radomus]: Let us quit this place for now.

{Radomus and Gardevoir exits area}

[Luna]: Ever-feared, and ever-misunderstood...

[Luna]: For it was in darkness hence I came.

[Luna]: In darkness, hence shall I leave.

{Luna exits area}

[Cain]: Welp, just you and me now, <player>.

[Cain]: Alone... in the dark...

[Cain]: Do you feel the moment~?

[Cain]: I'mmmm just kiddin' with you, calm down~

[Cain]: See ya on the flipside!

{Cain exits area}

Rewards Edit

TM Badge
TM Psychic TM92 (Trick Room) MilleniumBadgeSmall

Interview Edit

Seen on the Interviews channel after obtaining the Cocoon Badge from Shelly
Gossip Gardevoir's interview intermission!

Hello! Gossip Gardevoir here in Interview Intermission, bringing YOU the inside scoop on Reborn's celebrity figures!

Today we have a very special guest. He's strong, mysterious....and totally cute!

He's none other than my master, the psychic gym leader of Reborn, Radomus!

RADOMUS: Thank you for having me, Gardevoir.

GARDEVOIR: Oh, no, master~ Really, the pleasure’s all mine! So, you’re a wealthy genlestud who lives alone in a gigantic mansion. When are you going to take a wife?!

RADOMUS: Tell me Gardevoir, do you believe in the concepts of soulmates?

GARDEVOIR: Yes! I already know who mine is, too.

RADOMUS: So you believe that a person has only one true soulmate?

GARDEVOIR: That’s right~ I’m just waiting for mine to realize that the girl of his dreams is right in front of him….

RADOMUS: I believe so as well. That is why I wont be taking a wife. I’ve known my soulmate. I’ve danced among her soul, and watched with sorrow as it danced away. Nonetheless, Gardevoir, I do hope that your chosen awakens to you soon. Best wishes to you both.”


RADOMUS: Is something the matter…?

GARDEVOIR: N-no…You just…How c-can you be so stupid?!

RADOMUS: I beg your pardon?

GARDEVOIR: Stupid master! I can’t do this anymore!

TV: That’s all on todays interview intermission, until next time.

Sprites Edit

Trainer sprite VS sprite Overworld sprite

Trivia Edit

  • Radomus' name is a reference to 'Nostradamus', a famous 16th-century seer.
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