Adieu to disappointment and spleen.


Mountain is one of the field effects. It appears constantly in Beryl Cemetery.

Transitions from other terrainsEdit

A Snowy Mountain will transform into this terrain if any of these moves are used:

Move Type Category Accuracy Power PP
Eruption Fire Special 100% Varies 5 Max 8
Lava Plume Fire Special 100% 80 15 Max 24
Heat Wave Fire Special 100% 95 10 Max 16
Flame Burst Fire Special 100% 70 15 Max 24
Searing Shot Fire Special 100% 100 5 Max 8
Fire Pledge Fire Special 100% 80 10 Max 16
Inferno Overdrive Fire Physical —% 1 Max 1
Inferno Overdrive Fire Special —% 1 Max 1

General EffectsEdit

The open air strengthened the attack! (Flying)

Abilities AffectedEdit

  • Gale Wings is activated during Strong Winds
  • Pokemon with Long Reach deal x1.5 damage

Moves AffectedEdit

Moves with a 1.5x increase in base powerEdit

Additional Strong Winds boostEdit

When Strong Winds are active, all Special Flying type attacks get boosted by an additional 1.5x, as well as the following:

Other MovesEdit

Transitions to other terrainsEdit

This field will transform into a Snowy Mountain if hail has been in effect for three turns, or if the moves Blizzard or Subzero Slammer are used.


The Telluric Seed boosts Attack, but lowers Accuracy


  • The intro text for this terrain is based off of a quote from Pride and Prejudice, from a passage which asks “What are men to rocks and mountains?

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