A peculiar stone that makes certain species of Pokémon evolve. It is as black as the night sky.

Pokémon that evolve using a Moon Stone: Edit

First Form Bag Moon Stone Sprite Second Form
030MS Nidorina 031MS Nidoqueen
033MS Nidorino 034MS Nidoking
035MS Clefairy 036MS Clefable
039MS Jigglypuff 040MS Wigglytuff
300MS Skitty 301MS Delcatty
517MS Munna 518MS Musharna
Bag Sun Stone Sprite Bag Fire Stone Sprite Bag Shiny Stone Sprite Bag Leaf Stone Sprite Bag Thunder Stone Sprite Bag Dawn Stone Sprite Bag Water Stone Sprite Bag Link Stone Sprite Bag Dusk Stone Sprite Bag Moon Stone Sprite

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