The Magikarp Sidequest is a currently-ongoing sidequest. Like blisters from a long walk, this sidequest will follow you constantly throughout your journey from ward to ward, and feel just as painful.

Opal WardEdit

The sidequest begins in the Grand Hall. A fisherman by the entrance offers you a rare Pokémon for PokémonDollar500, but after paying for it, a street rat nearby overhears the conversation and snatches it from you on his way out. The chase begins!

Peridot WardEdit

To the left of the door to the desert is the location of the thief who stole your Pokémon. Upon confronting him, he demands PokémonDollar500 before giving it back. Paying this amount results in him revealing that he and the fisherman that sold the Pokémon actually worked together to scam unsuspecting trainers, and dare you to defeat them to retrieve your purchase.

Trainer Pokémon
Street Rat Arnie
and Fisherman Milhouse


661MS Fletchling Lv.11
No item
692MS Clauncher Lv.11
No item

...But after beating them, the street rat admits that a kid stole it from him on his way home, and he can't give it back. The search continues...

Obsidia WardEdit

The thief is encountered in the slums, in the lowest part of the green room past the third required ledge puzzle.

Trainer Pokémon
Youngster m
Youngster Kai
090MS Shellder/ Lv.18
No item
529MS Drilbur/ Lv.19
No item
220MS Swinub/ Lv.18
No item

After defeat, the Youngster confesses that he was the one who stole the Pokémon. He also admits to getting a great deal for selling it to a gang up north.