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Laura Belrose is one of the Elite Four of the Reborn League, and a Grass-type specialist, as well as the younger sister of Saphira and the older sister of Charlotte. She is first encountered leaving the Orphanage in the Lapis Ward before you are told her name.

She is later encountered again in Belrose Manse in the Chrysolia Region. After the protagonist, Charlotte, Noel, Anna, and Shelly all arrive, she greets them and welcomes them into her family's house. Later, she is seen watching the player attempt to start their Gym match with Noel, though they are interrupted before it can begin by Saphira, who informs them Team Meteor and Connal have allied with each other and are seeking to recapture the children.

It is possible for her to be one of the kidnapped parties after the assault is over, due to Sigmund Connal ordering his Electrivire to paralyze Laura instead of her Pokemon.

After the Meteor base in Tanzan Mountain is raided, she can tell the protagonist about Lin when they are sent to Tanzan Depths. She is knocked out by the giant Steelix before she can fight it if she came along with you.

Later on, she is seen in Charlotte's gym blaming herself for seemingly being fired from the Elite Four by Ame (though it is later indicated that this may have been Elias manipulating her into leaving to get Bennett into the Four in her place).

In the online leagueEdit


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