Stage 4
Flower Garden

In Stage 5, Flower Garden has the following effects:

General EffectsEdit

  • Grass moves increase in base power to 3x
  • Bug moves increase in base power to 2x
  • Fire moves increase in base power to 1.5x
  • All damage that Grass Pokémon received will be reduced to 0.5x

Abilities AffectedEdit

  • Flower Gift, Chlorophyll, and Leaf Guard are activated
  • Swarm is activated, and will triple the base power of Bug moves rather than increase it to 1.5x
  • Harvest will always find a berry at the end of each turn
  • Overgrow is activated, and will triple the base power of Grass moves rather than increase it to 1.5x
  • Flower Veil will also halve damage done to the bearer and allied Grass types, in addition to prevent allied Grass-types from any of their stats being lowered

Moves AffectedEdit

Moves that now target both opposing Pokémon in doubles battles rather than just oneEdit

Moves whose base accuracy becomes 100Edit

Other MovesEdit

  • Rototiller’s stat-changing effect is amplified, and will now boost the Attack and Special Attack of the user (in addition to or regardless of their typing)
  • Growth’s stat-changing effect is tripled
  • Cut will increase in base power to 1.5x, and will now hit Grass-type Pokémon as if it were super effective
  • Sweet Scent will lower targets’ Special Defense and Defense in addition to Speed, and now will triple its effect
  • Petal Dance and Petal Blizzard will have their base power increased to 1.5x
  • Infestation will deal 1/3 of the target’s max HP per turn rather than 1/8
  • Flower Shield will now boost Special Defense as well as Defense, and will boost the user’s Special Defense and Defense (in addition to or regardless of their typing). Its effect is now doubled.
  • Ingrain’s healing effect will quadruple
  • Nature Power becomes Petal Blizzard
  • Camouflage changes the user's type to Grass
  • Secret Power may lower evasion, and will lower Defense and Special Defense. Secret Power’s effect is now doubled.

Transitions to other Field EffectsEdit

Cut will cut this field down to Stage 4

Moves that will ignite this field and turn it into a Burning FieldEdit

Flower Garden
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