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Chess Board is one of the Field Effects. It appears in Radomus's gym. Unlike most other field effects, it cannot be summoned by any means, whether by transforming another field or by some combination of moves, nor can it be transformed or terminated by any permanent means.

Chess AttacksEdit

Psychic, Strength, and Ancient Power will become Chess Moves, boosted to 1.5x base power and applying additional Rock-type damage. Chess Moves deal 2x damage to Pokémon with Oblivious, Simple, Klutz, and Unaware, as well as those suffering from confusion, but 0.5x damage against Pokémon with Adaptability, Synchronize, Telepathy, and Anticipation.

Moves AffectedEdit

Moves that increase in base power to 1.5xEdit

Moves with amplified stat changesEdit

Other movesEdit

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