Ame was an official of the Reborn league.


In the gameEdit

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Ame accompanies the player on their train ride into the Lower Peridot Ward. After the attack from Team Meteor occurs, she speaks with Julia about it and resolves to learn more, after finishing the player's registration in the Reborn league and giving them their Starter Pokémon. Later in the game, Ame is revealed to be the Champion of the Reborn League, and decides to aid the player, Adrienn, Arclight and Victoria in raiding a Team Meteor hideout in Reborn City. However, Team Meteor are prepared for the attempted raid, and successfully kidnap the attack team, sending them to another one of their bases. Ame, instead of being forced to battle the player, Adrienn, Arclight, or Victoria, fights against Lin in battle and loses, after which she is decapitated by Lin's Hydreigon.


Her only known Pokémon are Absol and Alolan-Ninetales


Overworld sprite Trainer sprite


  • Ame is named after Amethyst, the game's developer, and serves as an in-game avatar for her.
  • Stated in her twitter that she was suicidal when she was a kid. Killing herself in the game fullfilled one of her childhood dreams.
  • According to an ask received on Amethyst's Tumblr, it is stated that alongside one other unnamed main character, Ame is transgender.

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