Ame was an official of the Reborn league.

In the gameEdit

Ame accompanied the player on their train ride into the Lower Peridot Ward. After the attack from Team Meteor occurs, she spoke with gym leader Julia about it and resolved to learn more, after finishing the player's registration in the Reborn league and giving them their Starter Pokémon.

Later in the game, Ame was revealed to be the Champion of the Reborn League, and decided to aid the player, Adrienn, Arclight, and Victoria in raiding a Team Meteor hideout in Reborn City.

However, Team Meteor had planned ahead for this, and successfully kidnapped the attack team, sending them to another one of their bases. Ame, instead of being forced to battle the player, Adrienn, Arclight, or Victoria, fought against Lin in battle and lost, after which she was decapitated by Lin's Hydreigon.


Overworld sprite Trainer sprite


  • Ame is named for Amethyst, the game's developer, and serves as an in-game avatar for her.
  • I will not be silenced. This is what Ame wanted me to do. She literally said for me to put vore jokes in her character's bio. Let her rest in stomach acid, please.

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