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I'll see you in a meaningless tomorrow, with another false smile.


Amaria Fiore is one of the gym leaders of Reborn. She specializes in Water types.

In the gameEdit

Amaria is first encountered in the Coral Ward, where she is trying to rescue an Oshawott. After getting assistance from Cain, she realizes she needs to head to the Obsidia Ward to help Florinia with its troubles.

Amaria and Florinia meet up with the player in front of the Obsidia Park, and ask the player to Cut their way in after giving them TMX1. Amaria and Florinia enter ahead of the player, but are quickly captured by ZEL.

After being released, Amaria mulls over the recent disasters Team Meteor could have been behind, and decides to report to Ame. She heartily thanks the player for their help, and bids them and Florinia farewell, using Julia's nickname for Florinia.

Journal EntryEdit

Amaria's Entry
I don't know, diary.

I know I have everything a girl could possibly want.

I have lots of friends, an amazing partner, a great education and life... 

...But it doesn't feel like it.

I try to always smile and be cheery.

I'm very good at it, apparently, or else I might not have made cheerleader captain!

I guess I was secretly hoping that would make me happy on the inside, too.

But I guess that was naive.

I'm tired of feeling this way.

I'm tired of feeling like I'm always drowning.

Tania tries her best for me, I know that. And I appreciate it so much...

But in the end, will it even make a difference?

I'll see you in meaningless tomorrow, with another false smile.


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